Solo Show!

I am excited for my up-coming solo show at the Wellesley Public Library. 16 of my paintins will be on display from August 2 through August 28. Here is an overview for the show:

Water: Reflecting on Tomorrow

“Life in us is like the water in a river”

- Henry David Thoreau


 Humans have always enjoyed a deep connection with water. Scientists have studied the power of water and artists and philosophers have extoled the virtue of our relationship with it throughout history.  Water rejuvenates, relaxes, and inspires us. 

 It is our impact on water, however, that complicates this relationship.

Now more than ever, with shortages of fresh water in some areas or rising sea levels in others, acknowledging the role of water in sustaining and threatening our way of life is imperative. Do these changes shift how we see and think about water today? What will our relationship with water look like in our tomorrow, or in our children’s tomorrow?

“Water: Reflecting on Tomorrow” is a series of quiet and contemplative oil paintings by Jason Sawtelle that invite us to lose ourselves in the beauty of water, to ponder water’s role in our physical and emotional well-being, and to reflect on a tomorrow where we can no longer take it for granted.

I hope you can make it to the show!