Another painting of water?!

I never really know what my next painting will be – but there is a good chance this is not my last water painting.  On a personal level, I am just drawn to water.  I’m sure I am not alone in this, but being near water makes me breathe easier and even think differently.

Beyond this, though, I can’t help thinking about the importance and relevance of water. Whether it is an increasing shortage in fresh water in some areas or rising sea levels in others, the role of water in sustaining and threatening our way of life has never been more imperative.

“Twilight” is about both this personal connection and the larger picture.  The image is from a photo I took (at twilight) of a mountain pond where I go camping with my good friends Steve and Joe.  On one level, the painting is about my connection to the place and the joy it brings me.  While painting it, I was also thinking about the threats to this place and all places like it.  On another level, the painting is about how the tranquil relationship we have with water in this part of the world may be in its twilight…