about jason sawtelle

Since I began painting over 25 years ago, I have been inspired by the power of subtle details in the world around us.  Largely because of this connection with the physical world, I have always been hard-wired to be a realist painter.  I see realism, however, as a tool - not an objective.  My goal is not to accurately depict a scene, but to communicate the feeling or idea inspired in me by the scene. 

Because of my desire to share something beyond a recognizable picture of reality, I often enlarge a small area, or eliminate the horizon, or alter the composition in a way that changes our normal experience of viewing and perceiving.  Often, the “scene” I use is just as much a means to an end as the language of realism.  It is more of a framework for the topic and the shapes, light and motion than it is itself the subject. 

My choice of painting on a larger scale is also connected with these ideas.  I want my paintings to be an immersive experience.  The way I see things is not like stepping back to take a panoramic photo, but more like stepping into an image and loosing the context of what surrounds it.  I want the viewer to feel pulled in and engulfed by the painting in the way I do when I paint it.

I was a Fine Art major in college (Colgate University class of 1992) and have been making art my entire life, but it was not until August of 2014 that I decided to pursue art full-time.

In addition to my fine art, I operate BlackBeak Studios -- offering custom murals, commissioned art and decorative painting. To learn more, please visit www.blackbeakstudios.com


I look forward to talking with you! I will be happy to provide pricing for any original painting(s) you may be interested in collecting.  Along with pricing, I will also provide my purchasing agreement for your review.  Quoted pricing does not include shipping or third-party payment fees unless specified.

To start the conversation, please e-mail me at JasonASawtelle@gmail.com