Past Peak

November 2015

As canoeing season wraps up, I had to get out one last time with my camera to capture the Charles River in late fall.  The day was a little chilly, but beautiful and sunny – so I was able to enjoy a long trip to close out a great year of paddling.

Again, I decided to spend the day taking pictures rather than painting – with the hopes of capturing some good images to paint in my studio (where it is now much warmer!).  As I paddled, the look had changed significantly since I took pictures for “Charles River Reflections”.  Almost all the leaves had dropped and the color was largely gone – but a new scene of floating and freshly submerged leaves took its place.

Once again, I got a lot of pictures – one of which is likely to be the subject of a large painting sometime soon.  For this one, though, I really wanted to focus on the patterns of pine trees and bare deciduous trees in the reflections along with the layers of sunken and floating leaves.

While the colors in the reflections are gone, I had fun with the more subdued dark colors at the bottom of the river and the washed-out light colors in the leaves drifting along the surface – as well as the story they seem to tell.