Charles River Reflections

October 2015

After doing 10 of my “canoe paintings” where I was painting while crouched in the canoe, I wanted to take the same subject back into the studio.  Certainly the comfort of a roof and a stool was appealing (!), but most of all I wanted to focus more on the fine details of the incredible views I had been seeing while out paddling.

On Columbus Day, I had the chance to get my canoe out on the Charles with my son Beck paddling in the bow. It was nice to have some company, but it was definitely not the kind of day where I could spend an entire day painting.  Instead, Beck was patient with me while I stopped every 10 minutes or so to take more (and more!) pictures.

Since we were out for a couple of hours, I ended up with a lot of pictures. The image I chose from all of these shots jumped out to me because of the vivid colors and the sharp but complex and almost abstract patterns that were created by the ripples across the reflection.

In the studio, I enjoyed focusing on all of these intricate shapes and the movement they create.  I also enjoyed using colors that ended up being brighter than my usual palette.