As you may have seen in earlier posts, there are few things I enjoy more than being on the water. Back in November, I took my last canoe trip of the season down the Charles River, and I took more time than usual watching the reflections.  As I paused from paddling, I was mesmerized by the undulating colors of the clear, crisp blue sky, the dark greens of pines against nearly-bare grey deciduous tress and the last few leaves of the season echoing the orange of the afternoon sun reflecting off of rocks peering up from the bottom of the river.

I took a number of pictures that day - and the one that is the inspiration for "Ripple" has been in my head as this painting for the 3 months since this trip.  I chose to go large for this painting (48"x36") because I wanted the impact for viewers of the painting to mirror the impact of that day for me. I also focused on the many incredible small details to pull people in close, inviting them to get lost in the painting and spend time navigating around the distorted and moving shapes.

As I painted this, I could almost feel the boat rocking and hear the ripples slapping the boat and the shore.  I hope you share in the experience.

Enjoy, Jason