In Plane View

March 2015

Between my commissioned jobs, I am continuing to fill out my portfolio of fine art paintings.  The most recent is “In Plane View”, which is painted from memory.  This is a picture that I have had in the “future paintings” queue in my head for several years. 

I don’t enjoy flying much, but the amazing change of perspective is one of the few saving graces of being trapped in an airplane.  I have seen many spectacular views from the air over the years, but this one in particular stuck with me.  The plane was a little closer to the ground than usual, and the endless lush green drew me in.  As I was watching the mountains pass under me, my eye stopped on a road carved along the top of one of the ridges.  It was so out of place with the rest of the scenery that it looked like a wound in the landscape.

In painting this I wanted to capture the unique perspective, the hazy look of the atmosphere, the serene beauty of the scene and the jarring feeling of the mountain road.