After the Storm

February 2015

Was it really just 2 weeks ago that I wrote about wanting snow for some good winter images? Now that we have about 4 feet on the ground (with more falling as I write this), I certainly got what I asked for!

After shoveling out from our first big storm, I spent the better part of the day trudging through the woods with my camera.  It was a perfect day for enjoying snow views, with an untouched covering over everything and bright sunlight creating fantastic shadows.

While I definitely appreciate the beauty of grand vistas, I typically find myself drawn to the drama of smaller, more “every day” scenes.  I took a lot of pictures in my trek, but it was the patterns in this one that grabbed my attention.  The repeating shapes in the snow and shadows, the branches and the background trees and clouds are what make this scene something that I enjoy looking at again and again.

For those of you who will be shoveling out again today, I hope this helps you to enjoy the views as you dig out!